I like Pokemon and Minecraft. So yeah. But the question is this - why are you reading this? Did you want to know my age? My real name? Where I live? Well, most things aren't true. If you think my real name is Fpoon then I cannot help you. If you thought I lived in the middle of the Atlantic, well no. That'd be a bit cold, doncha think? Sadly, I am not a full-time kitchen utensil either. It may disappoint many of you to know that, and I am sorry if I broke your heart. I am only a part-time kitchen utensil. My other job is to сидеть и грустить. (if you know Russian and that translates weird blame Google). Ya know, it's weird, because I'm sitting here doing my job at 9:30 PM. 21:30 if you are militaristic and want to overthrow the monarchy/president/art-loving government. It's also funny knowing most people will never see this, meaning all this effort could be for nothing. But hey, if I can get some people to laugh, that'll be nice. If you didn't laugh, well I'm sorry I cannot live up to your standards. Take an imaginary 10 Monopoly Dollars for your troubles. Honestly, Monopoly money might eventually be worth more than an actual dollar bill because we might go towards, like, entirely virtual money. Also, does this thing have a limit? Cause if not, that's cool. It doesn't appear to be so. Well then, ima just inform you a little bit more about me.
1. Mellohi is the best music disc in Minecraft as of... Jul 18, 2022. (Updated) (Updated again)(fuck yeah updated again)
2. Minecraft is the best game to have ever existed.
3. I can probably name any pokemon I see.
4. My greatest tip for you in PS! is just don't lose.
5. Can I tag @Snessy! here? Will it notify them?
Well Snessy, if you did get notified, that's cool. If not, that's also cool. Doesn't matter much to me either way, it (probably) won't change my life greatly. Hmm, let's see, what else can I say...well, umm... ah, I know. I watch a variety of youtubers, and seeing this list might change some people's views of me. Maybe not though, I have no idea. So here ya go -
1. Ibxtoycat - Good source for interesting content and Minecraft news.
2. CaptainSparklez - I enjoy his series with X33N quite a bit, and I also watch his other videos when he has them.
3*. 8-BitRyan - I don't watch him much anymore, I generally watched him for Resident Evil and FnaF, but he isn't doing much of either at this point in time. (completely phased out of my watchlist as of Jul 18, 2022)
3. CarlSagan42 - Love watching him play Mario, always fun to watch.
4. Grian - It's someone both my brother and I watch, so I watch his videos with my brother when I do watch them.
5*. Alpharad - He's just plain interesting and funny to watch. (completely phased out of my watchlist as of Jul 18, 2022)
5. Truegreen7 - Love his art, and I find his videos pretty cool.
6. Smallant - His videos are guaranteed to be interesting and fun, and he plays both Minecraft and Nintendo games.
7. Thafnine - I was bored one day, and found one of his FnaF videos (i like fnaf) and watched it. I ended up getting into his videos, and continued watching him. (rarely watched, but still often enough to be included)
8. X33N - His sense of humor is my favorite type of humor, and watching CaptainSparklez videos with him is so much different than watching the same videos from X33N's point of view.
(new list further down as of Jul 18 2022)
That's about it for youtubers...
Well, I should sleep... but I could do so much more here. How about this. If you know the answer to life the universe and everything, you are a man/woman of culture as well. Good book though. Well, how about... my favorite movie? Well, the original Jurassic Park takes that honor, if you could call it that. Well, it's 9:52 now, 21:52 for militaristic people. If you got it this far, that's pretty cool. Maybe just comment on my profile... hmmm... what's something inconspicuous but also not going to be accidentally typed... Type "I did the thing, now give me monopoly money." I'll change this every so often to see who's reading this or just copying the people who are saying "i did the thing, now give me monopoly money." I'll also put a list of old, past passwords here.
#1 was "I did the thing, now give me monopoly money."
Also, if this really changed your view of me greatly, I'm kinda interested in that. After you type the password, put either a period, exclamation, or two exclamation points. Period will mean "I kinda expected this.", exclamation mark means "Well, that's a bit surprising." and two exclamation marks will mean "I can never view you the same way again." And Snessy!, if it did notify you and you are reading, that's still cool. Well, now it's 10:01, 22:01 for those militaristic people once again. I may be one of them, but hey. Ima head to bed (watch more videos) and get ready for school tomorrow. I will try to remember to update this to make it longer and more convoluted at the end of each month, so that'll be interesting. Though this time will count as the end of the month because it's the 25th, so it'll hopefully be updated in April. Thanks for reading this far if you did, and make sure to leave a like and subscribe, as only 95 percent of my viewers are subscribed!
Changelog - Fixed some capitalization mistakes and grammar mistakes.
I return on the last day of April, this time not at midnight. Now it's closer to 9:00 (09:00) by me, and I'm watching X33N play Dungeons, Dragons, and Space Shuttles. Pretty interesting series, but I just started it yesterday. I like the dynamic between X33N and RedVacktor. Anyways, I also finished watching X33N play Exoria, which was a good series to watch. I enjoyed it. Very scuffed finale. Moving on, did you know that you can actually sunburn your eyes (assuming you're human)? Yeah, it's called... photokeratitis. Basically, it works the exact same as normal sunburn and causes your eyes (vision?) to be blurry and irritation in general. It normally only happens because of the snow kinda blinding you through reflection. So yeah, cool things. That brings me to my topic of this month - Random things I know off the top of my head. It's a thing to do, and while I type this I might think of something else to talk about that's more interesting. So let's see... well, this is difficult. Off the top of my head, I can remember that most cats are born with blue eyes, but their eye color can change. I think. Another thing is that nutmeg when consumed in a high enough quantity, can kill you. After just a bit too much, you can hallucinate. But then too much and you will die. Pretty interesting. Umm... Australia banned the word mate for a bit, but then almost instantly unbanned it because no one was happy with it. Australia is a cool place. On the topic of cool, hurricanes/tornadoes can occasionally pick up large amounts of fish and fling them all over. Basically making it rain fish. This can also happen with other groups of semi-large animals, with the other main inclusion being frogs. So umm let's see. One more thing. So fun fact: crows remember everything. They hold grudges against people who have wronged them for years. It's pretty interesting actually, you should read up on it. Speaking of grudges and crows, ever heard of Edgar Allen Poe? Cool guy, used to write very morbid poems/stories. They think he died of rabies. But either way, his stuff is really interesting to read. I recently read "The Cask of Amontillado" good read, would recommend. This is shaping up to be a LOT shorter than last time, so yeah. Well, thanks for reading if you did. Maybe see you next month?
June 19, 2021 Changelog - Fixed some grammar issues that bugged me. And updating it now wooo.
So yeah, I thought of something to do! Thanks, albatross :P Basically, the thread on talking at length about my interests got me thinking. What other interests do I have? I eventually plan on making a long post about my opinions on every single Minecraft update, more than just the major ones. Every bug fix and irl update too. This is my passion project, and I'm going to work on it in the background for a very long time. But this is my about page, not my project page. So I'm not even gonna do something on my interests. That's just filling space in a boring way. So just before this, I actually updated this for my discord username (yay) and also my new pfp, so now it's the same as it is on discord. I'm going to change it eventually, just not yet. Once I find a picture that's suitable for it. I also am currently out of my home state on vacation, so that's cool. It's so much hotter here though. I might have mentioned this already, but I wore shorts and short-sleeved shirts all throughout winter. And it wasn't a Florida winter, no it got down to -30 Fahrenheit and snowed. I just really like the cold. Oh yeah, I also wore flip-flops nearly every day as well. Like I said, the cold is cool. No pun intended. School is also out, which is kinda why I'm on a vacation. Otherwise, the only thing I have left to do is label my top 3 favorite games of all time.
1. Minecraft - This is an obvious choice, as I love this game and have loved it for years.
2. Binding of Isaac - A very fun game to play, it gave me a ton of playtime for a long time.
3. Halo 3 ODST - This was an extremely fun game to play with my brothers.
These games were/are fun games, and I play Minecraft to this day. Binding of Isaac regrettably no longer works, along with Halo 3 ODST. For now, I'll be finished.
December 10, 2021 Changlog - Hot DAMN I forgot about this. Anyways, time to update. Times have changed. I have my own computer now. I play Java and have slightly more respect for it than before yet still believe it to be inferior to Bedrock. I'm back in school and it's all good except physics because physics is pain. I'm learning though. New top games of all time, now with the craziest possible twist - IT'S 5 THIS TIME. Such crazy many wow. I'm trying to rank them but the ranks might be a bit fuzzy in my head.
1. Minecraft - Easiest choice of my life, I started playing this game at the age of 7 and never stopped. Great updates still release and I can play it on a multitude of devices. Again, easy choice.
2. Subnautica - Extremely well made and fun game, one that I didn't mind knowing the story beforehand because of just how good it is.
3. Halo 3 ODST - This one has risen in ranks mostly due to nostalgia upon playing it again once I got Master Chief collection, but it's still a great game.
4. Binding Of Isaac - As stated before, it has infinite replayability and is just a very good game in general. Looking forward to Repentance to come to Xbox
5. Dark Souls 3 - I recently played this and just found that I enjoyed it immensely, probably because I love games that I know I can 100% and also because the combat worked well for me.
So yeah, my top 5 games at this moment in time. I guess I'll also update my list of youtubers that I watch...
Starting off with #1 - CaptainSparklez - I still watch him, he still makes good content, and he's probably my most consistently watched youtuber. 10/10 Would Recommend.
On to #2 - X33N - Most definitely my second favorite youtuber as he has hour long videos that are entertaining to watch in it's entirety.
Now, #3 - IBXToycat - He supports Bedrock over Java, which is already a big plus. He also has a certain style of humor that I like. Nice guy, fun to watch.
Next is #4 - Super Beard Bros - I found these guys recently and I really enjoy their humor and games, I came to watch them through their Dark Souls 3 series and am currently watching their Alien: Isolation series.
I don't watch #5 casually too often anymore, but #5 - Lethalfrag - He plays some of my favorite games along with giving me a lot of content that lasts ages, so he's a good one to watch when I'm travelling but I generally don't watch him in other situations.
You may have noticed, you astute person, that this hasn't varied much from the first list. Yeah, I don't look for new people to watch that often. I'm content with what I have and only ever find new youtubers when I get a new game. When I got DS3, I found Super Beard Bros. When I got Minecraft, I started watching the first 3 youtubers I listed. When I got Destiny 2, I started watching Fallout Plays. I then stopped playing Destiny 2 and stopped watching Fallout Plays. So it goes through that cycle with most games. If the person I find has varied content or plays a game I'm not going to stop playing, they become a staple of my entertainment. Though I do occasionally go on a spree of watching some meme videos. An example is the fact that I have binge watched all of berds video three times now. Other than berd though I don't watch many shorter videos. Well actually, I also watch Telepurte vids when they happen. Very wholesome most of the time. Good videos. Otherwise I watch videos that are normally over 10 minutes. I'd say 90% of the videos I watch are over 10 minutes, with the remainders being the binges of berd, telepurte, random short videos, and the occasional short video from IBXToycat. In my opinion people who almost exclusively watch short videos are... impatient and lazy in their entertainment. Entertainment shouldn't only be 10 second clips of comedy or whatever genre it ends up being, you need a good mix over a longer length of time. I enjoy a combination of informational, humor, and horror. And all of the people I watch have informational and humor because they all are cultured and tend to make references or just teach me about the games they're playing by playing it. Humorous because they're just funny to me. Horror is by far the least most common one but it is in the current Alien: Isolation series I'm watching and it is a good mixture to me. Anyways, that's the update for now so I'ma head out for a bit, but hopefully not as long as the first.
FUCK it's been a while. December 10th was the last time I updated it, and it is now Jul 18. I changed a couple things with my youtubers list up top and then said "hey updated version further down" and then I see that I already have an up-to-date version down here. Essentially the same stuff as before, really. I want to get back into watching Carl Sagan but I need to binge watch some series from Cpt. Sparklez and X33N that are... quite long. I want to watch the first season of Vault Hunters from Sparklez, the MC Eternal series fro. X33N, and I'm not sure which perspective I'll do for Vault Hunters Season 2. X33N's will most definitely be shorter and easier to finish, but Sparklez has the full season so I'm not entirely sure. I should also mention that I have fully phased GT Live and all the theory channels they have into my watchlist, and they have been essentially a replacement for 8-Bit Ryan. Nowadays they provide me with my horror game fix, with a slight seasoning of Super Beard Bros thrown in there as well. But anyways, I want to talk about something OTHER than youtube for once! Since I don't do much outside of games though, that's kinda what I'm limited to though. I have completed my goal of obtaining Frozen Blaze armor within Hypixel Skyblock, and currently plan on getting fishing 24 so I can use Shark Armor, and then 26 so I can use the Soul Whip. Past that, I kinda want to ghost farm for sorrow and the ghost boots. That is currently what I'm doing in Skyblock, but I also plan on getting better at PvP. I'm not all bad, but I do want to get better still. I'm doing this through The Pit, and I'm actually winning battles against people with a similar armor level to me. Both bad players and good players. Now, if I go against someone in diamond, I 100% lose because they both have better gear but also have the skill to freely buy the armor and rush into battles. So really I can beat people with a similar skill level and gear level. This becomes evident in Bedwars, where I actually feel confident enough to go to mid now. So I feel pretty good, but not good enough. I'm actually getting good enough that I am beginning to beat my friend, who is between above average and great at PvP. So yeah. Anyways, I'm gonna head out for now and hopefully update this within the year. This was on July 18th, 2022 btw.
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